Sunday, March 25, 2012

Kid Shirts

Life has taken over a bit around here and I haven't done much sewing... but I finally got some shirts done this weekend.  It always surprises me how long the process of tracing patterns and cutting fabric takes.  Sewing is so quick in comparison.

These tops come from the April Burda magazine.  Burda-2012-04. They are size 110. I didn't make any changes to the pattern shape, but I omitted the pocket and elbow patches.

I took these pictures before binding the necks, wrists, and waists. I reinforced the shoulder seams on both of these by adding an additional strip of knit fabric to bind the seam. If the fabrics look familiar then scroll down a bit and you'll see why.

This first one is a super soft knit, some sort of rayon I think. I still have about a yard left over (I bought it as a remnant on super sale). So I'll probably make something else for the girls with this fabric.  C loves it because it is so so soft. And she loves pink.

It was sort of a pain to make because the fabric is so slinky, my machine kept wanting to eat it, so I had to start the seams in the middle and work my way to the ends.  Making the binding is not fun, and I haven't decided how to deal with the neck binding yet.

This also comes from left over fabric. It's a cotton knit. C loves this one also, but I'm hoping S will wear it too.  I had C model it for me and I asked her if I should make any changes but she said, "don't change a thing."

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  1. I love the material for the last top, such a cool pattern. Can I have one too :p