Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A new dress!

I made this dress last week and wore it this weekend to my mother's birthday party! It was fast and easy and very gratifying to get almost instant (2 hour) results!

I was inspired by this post by Cation Designs.

I used the knit fabric that I purchased from Girl Charlee.  I still have about a yard left, so the price of the fabric I used was about $10.00 (+ a bit for fabric shipping) and the pattern was free (thank you!)

I followed the instructions almost exactly, but I made the dress 26" wide instead of her recommended 24".  This added unnecessary bulk around the neckline and so next time I will make it 24" wide.  Next time I will add a slit along one side of the dress, maybe about 12" to make wide steps easier (I like to take long strides).  Right now I could use a small slit, but it's fine without. But if I made it less wide, I'd need a slit for sure.

I made the tie from the dress fabric. Next time I might make it even longer and it could be narrower. I cut it about 10" wide and folded and sewn it's about 4" wide now.

I ended up hemming the dress by about 1 inch after cutting off 2 inches.  It started out about 58-59" long (the original width of the fabric).

I didn't get pictures of the inside of the dress, but I tried very hard to sew all my seams neatly and they're all covered inside. This dress is perfect for our hot summers and it's very comfy to wear around the house without a belt. Then if I want to go out I just add the belt & I'm instantly dressed up! So easy. I'll definitely make another one of these if not more!

Sorry for the blurry pictures - I'm still getting to know the auto-click feature on my camera.


  1. Oh Monika, this looks beautiful! Your dress makes you look so glamorous and tall; I love the fabric you chose. I agree that a slit would be helpful for walking...I don't notice it on mine as much since it's a stretchy jersey, but it would definitely be easy to add side slits. Thanks for showing me your pictures!

  2. I love your fabric! Your dress came out beautiful! I can't tell there's extra bulk tho. I used Cation's tutorial to make my own as well (which is where I saw the link to your pics). Here's mine :)